Hardscaping Service in Carrollton, OH

Gotch & Company, Inc. is a holistic, year-round landscape services provider. You can count on us to provide you with landscaping solutions that meet your needs throughout the year—even in the dead of winter.

Our experienced team has been providing year-round property maintenance services since 1984 and we have the tools and expertise necessary to keep your land both safe and looking its best throughout every season. We are the premier landscaping services provider in the region.

Service We Offer

Our service offerings go far beyond those provided by typical landscaping firms. Here are just some of the alternative service offerings you can invest in:

  • Hardscaping

    We offer hardscaping service, design, and installation. If you are looking to build a new patio, retaining wall or walkway on your property, reach out to the hardscaping service experts here at Gotch & Company, Inc. We offer hardscaping service in Carrollton, Wyncrest, Harlem Springs, New Harrisburg, and Carroll County, OH that is both affordable and high-quality.

  • Snow Plowing Service & Ice Control

    Ohio winters can be cold and dangerous, which is why we provide a slew of snow and ice control solutions. We offer driveway & parking lot snow plowing and snow removal service in Carrollton, OH, driveway salting and more for both residential and commercial locations. We’re also available for sidewalk salting and ice removal, using an ash-mix to increase traction on frozen gravel driveways.

  • Driveway Gravelling

    We are capable of gravelling both new and existing gravel roadways. We lay all of the gravel driveways we work on using a spreader box, ensuring that the gravel is consistently and evenly distributed. This is indicative of our dedication to customer satisfaction and our extensive industry experience.

Schedule Services Today

Whether you’re looking for a new hardscaping surface or are simply in need of someone to come and salt your driveway, you can count on Gotch & Company, Inc. There’s no job too big or too small for our talented, expert team to tackle. Contact us today at 330-627-7949 to learn more.